Available courses

AdventureScouts is an ongoing development program for youth to learn Wilderness Thriving and Awareness, Folk Skills and Lore, Swordsmanship, Performance Art and Natural History using mythical play, story and Educational Live Action Role Play (EduLARP) to make learning valuable skills exciting.

Kids learn best through engaging play and interactive challenges. AdventureScouts will complete tasks and demonstrate skills to earn Marks of Achievement and advance in rank. Our mission is to build lasting community and intimate connection to the natural world while adventuring and questing in the wilds.

It is our goal to provide a place for youth to meet strong mentors, build lasting bonds of friendship, learn valuable life skills, connect with the wilds, and build strength of character.

AdventureScouts are guided by our qualified Guild Mentors, and with the help of parents, volunteers, and community members, they receive encouragement to pursue their individual interests, gaining knowledge through activities and challenges. As children discover themselves and become responsible and ethical young adults in their community through achievement and service, AdventureScouts develop a sense of belonging, giving them confidence to face the many challenges along the path to adulthood.

  • Bushcraft Skills
  • Ethnobotany
  • Natural History
  • Wilderness Awareness
  • Nature Connection
  • Improved Self-confidence
  • Insight & Skills Into Teamwork
  • Understanding & Taking Responsibility
  • Ability to Listen to Intuition
  • Leave No Trace™ Ethics
  • Leadership Skills
  • Improved Physical Stamina
  • Understanding Healthy Manhood
  • Marking of a Transformative Rite of Passage
  • Boundary Exploration
  • Community Belonging

The Novice Achievement Test allows for a student to show basic competency in initial core skills, and upon completion ask a guild mentor to become an apprentice in their guild.